U2 tickets for the show in Oakland are available and it looks like U2 is going to give the area excitement they haven’t seen in Overstock.com Coliseum since, well never. By the time U2 hits Oakland, this leg of the 360 Tour will be in full swing, having covered parts of Canada and gotten a firm hold on California.

The U2 show in Overstock.com Coliseum should be a good fit. As you know this U2 tour is designed to give every audience member a good view of the stage no matter where they may be. The show is so massive that three stages are being used, each sent to a different city to be ready when U2 comes to town.

The U2 360 is just getting started in the U.S. Shows remain in Anaheim, Baltimore, East Lansing, and Opa Locka for the remainder of June. From there the U2 360 tour spreads out into the mid-west and returns to Canada. U2 is covering a lot of ground so be ready when they’re in your area with U2 tickets from U2tickets.com.

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